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Chimney Water Leak Services

We commonly find chimney water leak issues are more due to direct chimney issues - such as cracks in the chimney crown, eroded mortar joints, a loose chimney cap and/or aged chase cover - as opposed to roofing issues. This is due to your chimney’s exterior being very susceptible to water damage because both brick and mortar are porous materials. You can count on Harky's to provide professional chimney water leak services with Quality, Precision and Care.

Home flooded? Fireplace manufacturers call to replace any fireplace insert or stove that has been exposed to water - whether by flood, hurricane or leak - and should not be used. In addition the fireplace warranty could be void and no longer honored by the manufacturer.



Clients should be aware even the most thorough inspection will not reveal all problems or potential issues. Some areas of a chimney simply are not accessible due to construction of the house. The recommended inspection technique will often be based on your comments and concerns; therefore, we encourage you to discuss any specific concerns with your service technician. Our technicians are trained to perform the appropriate level of inspection based upon the use of the chimney and any performance problems or safety concerns using the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 211 as our standard.

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