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Chimney Sweep

  Importance of Routine Chimney Sweep Services.

A chimney can be a wonderful feature inside of a home. After all, who doesn't love seeing their chimney running during a cold winter day? If you live in Texas and are considering running your chimney this year, consider pursuing a professional chimney inspection. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) suggests that every chimney, fireplace, and vent inside of a home receive an annual inspection to detect potential problems. Here at Harky's Chimney & Home Services, we endeavor to provide our customers with not only high-quality services, but also great information. As you will soon see, a routine chimney inspection can end up being a life-saving service!


A chimney inspection is an important task for every homeowner. When you pursue an inspection from Harky's, you should expect an exhaustive examination to ensure the safe use of the structure. The interior and exterior of your chimney will be inspected to ensure that no obstruction is in place. Your chimney professional will also ensure that the structure and flue of the chimney are sound and operational.


Clogged chimneys can lead to a host of problems both inside and outside of the home. The primary issues that clogged or malfunction chimneys can manifest include fires carbon monoxide poisoning. If you possess a chimney in your home and have known repair work, consider getting a free quote from our team at Harky's Chimney & Home Services! We are always ready to provide you with the help that you need at a price that you can afford!

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