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Fireplace Repair

Where Can I Find Affordable Fireplace Repair Services in Texas?

Having a functional fireplace can be the difference between a warm and comfy night and a cold one. Fireplaces are amazing structures by which the family can gather for a relaxing time. Unfortunately, when fireplaces begin to run into issues, dealing with these problems can be become troublesome quickly. Today, we are going to highlight a few common fireplace problems as well as the importance of a fireplace inspection. By the end of our discussion, you'll know exactly who to call for all of your fireplace repair needs!


For starters, fireplaces tend to run the gamut when it comes to issues. Cracks in your fire brick can lead to carbon monoxide and fire hazards. Cracks in refractory panels can lead to fire hazards. Rust in your prefab/metal fireplace can be fire/carbon monoxide hazards. Having a fireplace inspection before using your fireplace each year is so important!


Fortunately, dealing with any of your fireplace issues can be easy with the assistance of Harky's Chimney & Home Services. When you call on the team at Harky's for your fireplace inspection, you can rest assured that you are receiving assistance from the best professionals in the industry. We also have some of the longest warranties in the area - thanks to the quality work the technicians at our award-winning firm perform. Harky's provides outstanding service to customers throughout DFW, Houston, Austin, and San Antonio. Harky's Chimney & Home Services also offers fireplace inspection and repair services to multi-family units and residential property managers.


When you know you want something done the right way, call on Harky's Chimney & Home Services. Book an appointment online, or call our home office at (855) 542-7597 to request a free estimate for your known repairs today.

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