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Harky's favorite hearth accessories and fireplace decor

Harky's Selects 3 Fireplace Tool Sets.

Five Piece Fireplace Tool Set, Lowe's

This Chateau Bronze Fireplace Tool Set would hang beautifully against a wood or brick wall, made of iron and mango wood, Pottery Barn.

A more Decorative 5 Piece Steel Fireplace Tool Set with a bronze finish gives some glam to a simple fireplace and hearth, at Lowe's.

Harky's Selects 3 Fireplace Screens to amp up the look of your fireplace.

Is your fireplace kind of boring, no worries, the right fireplace screen can give it some pizzazz.

Crate&Barrel, Chevron Pewter 3-Panel Fireplace Screen.

This Vivienne Fireplace Screen with a gold finish has a fairy-tale feel, and we love it! View this design and others at Horchow.com

Harky's Selects 3 Fireplace Accessories.

We love the basket and tote look of this Woven Fireplace Log Holder, found at Pottery Barn.

Okay one more, for a Classic Log Holder that's a two-in one (with a fireplace tool set and log holder) look no more and click here, it's simple but fitting for a timeless, meaningful look, found at Pottery Barn.

Before you go, check out these home library designs in House Beautiful and some have fireplaces too.

Thanks for stopping by.

-The Harky's Chimney Team

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